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    Geothermal Loop question

    Hello All new to the community.

    Quick question. I m looking at installing a (2) zone Geothermal Horizontal loop system for a new build. Is there a thermal advantage of running (1) long line in a narrow trench vs the Slinky type of installation With (1) wide area? Thanks for the imput.

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    If you use the same load they should both do the job.

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    The slinky will give more area, so you get more out of it, Google Ground source heat pump design and there's some info from some colleges& TVA that can help you

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    No one-loop design is any better or worse than any other PROPERLY deigned loop configuration. The loop design will be determined by the site-specific conditions on the ground, such as land area (or lack of it) or water availability for a pond or lake loop. You work with what you have.


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