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    I get the same BS from my client... "Drive it tell the wheels fall off... That way when I have to buy a new one, it'll be the best, latest and greatest.."

    What will you do while waiting for a new system? I ask.

    "Let em sweat"

    Works for me...


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    Andover Controls

    Quote Originally Posted by AutoPilot View Post
    I agree with Kontrol and savage. I've worked with Andover since the early 90s.

    The Hardware is tough as nails, and the software has limitless power.
    I maintain a site with over 120 buildings networked to one file server that has just about every Andover product ever made. Not many systems on the market can even think about a controller network this size. For small jobs this kind of power is overkill.

    I have another client that has AC4+4's and AC256's he wont upgrade because they work too well. I replaced one power supply for him in that last 10 years.

    Just my opinion

    I'm looking to buy I2 products local reps have been unresponsive -- you have any sources?

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    I need to purchase some i2 devices. Local reps have been unresponsive. Can you suggest a source?

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    I am new to Andover Continuum. I am unclear where to start with trending data through the system.

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