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    RTAA- History Memory Error Type 1 Message

    Got a call to troubleshoot RTAA chiller. Faults are
    1) History Memory Error Type 1
    2) Compressor Overload Setting Alarm
    Haven't worked on RTAAs before and am digging up manuals. Any heads up advice on these faults. Heard I might have a board failed.

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    RTAA memory error

    the book says ucm is operating on ROM default for all setup parmeters. check all setup parameters and continue to run chiller. the default overload setting must not match the dip swich settings. you can get the IOM from the trane web site RTAA-10M-4A. If the settings don't stay in the module then a replacment will be needed.

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    RTAA Memory Error

    PJ's cool-aid
    Thanks. Got the manual and info I needed.

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