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    White Dust throughout the house

    Over the past 4 weeks there has been an abundance of thick white powdery dust that has accumulated throughout the house. More so in the master bedroom. Any thoughts on this. I have added a air purifier (high end to correct this issue) and it does nothing but clog up the purifier. Any thoughts on this. I don't run the air conditioner often yet as the temps here in Las Vegas have not hit uncomfortable proportion yet but I don't imagine it will be much longer.

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    Atomizing humidifiers with hard water have this effect. Regards TB
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    Last time I saw this, a UV light was eating the media air cleaner.
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    Possibly a leaking dryer vent. Could be fine lint. I find this more times than not.
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    I have also seen UV lights eat up filters and cause this problem...

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    Hey Spotts you in the middle of the fires in Colorado right now??

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    need more info is your house on a slap or a craw iv seen this happen when the pipes in the slap gets old

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    Ive seen it from bypass humidifiers too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PAPAJOE1212 View Post
    I don't run the air conditioner often yet as the temps here in Las Vegas have not hit uncomfortable proportion yet but I don't imagine it will be much longer.
    Is this a new house?

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    The high end purifier may be removing the contaminants in the air that make dust a dark color and now the staining agents are being removed and now the dust is appearing white. Just a thought.
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    If its a new house or you have done recent remodeling (drywall, inside french drains, etc.) then the dust is likely from those projects.

    If not, 4 weeks ago did you or someone else in your home remove and inadvertantly reinstall a dirty filter backwards?

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    do you have a whole house humidifier? if so the evaporating water leaves behind minerals( which is a white powdery substance) that will go throughout the house. routine maintaince and a flush cycle can easily get rid of that.

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    sheetrock dust, humidifier residue, new white carpeting, cocaine(jk), has this been happening for a long time or something new?
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