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    Duel fuel/hybirds aren't anything new. Installed my first one, in 80 or 81, it was a Thermopride HP, and oil furnace.
    I didn't mean to imply a duel fuel setup was new. Snell must be chasing after the low hanging fruit and doesn't want to mess with, or isn't capable of anything more than the very basic of setups. They sold and installed a HP for a neighbor years ago yet only set it up for the AC portion. shrug...


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    To all

    Thank you for your advice. I went ahead with a Bryant SEER 18 heat pump and a 80% gas furnace as a back up. We are very happy with the unit and the installers, TURNER co. I highly recommend them.

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    does it have the evolution wall controller?

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    Yes. It works great.

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