Hello folks,

We've been working on Graphivac for a long while now and it's getting quite respectable.

  • Edit drawings inside browser;
  • Zoomable : no more 'divided' system because the screen is too small;
  • Graphics decoupled from data : can insert new 'themes';
  • Drag n drop objects from Vigilia/Wacnet;
  • Possible automatic symbol detection by the objet name;
  • Exports to SVG or PNG to include in a report or send by email.

Zoom and edit :

Go back in time :

Drag n drop from Vigilia/Wacnet :

Now that the basic engine is nearly done, what we'd like to know is how you'd like it to be 'packaged'.

Accounts with different rights?
For example, do you want your customers/users to have to call you to make a change?

Host several projects/customers on the same application, or install locally every time?

Brand watermark?

Don't be afraid to be wild in your suggestions!

You can try a development version there:
(We'll purge the drawings often; don't rely on this for any serious stuff.)