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    Question 3ton package unit need help

    i have a question if anybody can help me i have a 3 ton package unit (HEIL) about 10 years old when it gets hot outside it doesnt cool like it should in the house so i cleaned the coils and then the next day i went and connected the gauges and my pressures were at 60psi on the low side (30 degreeze for R-22) and 250psi on the high side (114 degreeze for r-22) it was about 90 degreeze outside i had a high super heat and a high subcool also a low amperage reading on the compressor i tryed to add some refrigerant but it wouldnt take it, the pressure would not move one bit it will just stay steady i dont know what could be the problem then i felt the outdoor fan and half of it is blowing hot air and the other half is blowin cool/warm air (weird) and inside my house wont go below 79 degreeze in the daytime and i set the tstat at 75 degreeze anybody ever had this type of problem or know what it might be any help would be appreciated thanks....

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    can't give any DIY in general forum. If you are a tech, get post count to 15 and apply for pro membership. Then move questions to pro forum and we can help you there.
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    As above, this becomes a technical question. we're not allowed to give technical, or DIY in the resi forum.
    We would like to ansswer your question. But teh site rules forbid us.

    But look at your guages again, R22 at 60PSI is not 30* SST.
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