I just realized something this morning. I am a hypocrite. Sort of.

A little background; here in MA we have several cash strapped communities trying to override what we call "proposition 2 1/2", which basically states that property taxes may not be hiked over 2 1/2 percent a year without voter approval.

Out of 9 recent contests, 7 voted to not override. I applaud this (I think). I mean, no one is offering magic overrides to my budget. Sometimes tough decisions must be made. Like this one.


Do I like this? No. Do I have a right to complain given my stated stance above? Maybe not.

But I'll tell you this, it is hard for me to reconcile school budget cuts and stuff like prisoners being released when the very people making these decisions are bloated protectionist fat-cats themselves. Local columnist Howie Carr refers to such beings as "hacks".

Case in point; the number two cop in my beloved hometown makes more than the chief. His job amounts to driving around in a SUV, writing tickets and setting motorist traps. For putting his life in such danger on a daily basis, Joe makes a 3 figure salary and is about to retire on a 3 figure number. Meanwhile, they have no money for the cheerleading squad and so forth.

Politicians and budgets. What a mess. Even more so in that our only hope is to elect new officials and then trust them. Ha!