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    Question Lennox Question

    I am looking to add a central AC unit to my existing furnace. I have received several quotes, and have decided to purchase a Lennox system. The load calculation I had performed stated I need a 2.5 ton unit, and I live in Michigan.

    My preferred contractor has given me quotes on two different systems, the AC13 and the 13ACD. The AC13 is about $200 more expensive than the 13ACD. Any one out there have a preference between the two systems?? The statistics on the Lennox website are about the same, but the AC13 has a longer compressor warranty.

    Additional questions:

    I noticed both of these systems are R-22, should I ask for a quote on a 410a system, or is the R-22 sufficient? Any idea on price differences?

    My current furnace only had one cold air return and that is located directly next to the furnace. Should I have an additional cold air return installed on the other end of the house? The contractor wants $260 to install the additional cold air return.

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    R-22 & R410a


    I am a Lennox dealer as well, so I'll give you my 2 cents.

    Go R410A. No question. As long as the coil & copper lineset are being replaced, you should go R410A. The cost of R22 is now going through the roof, and will only get worse, so for future repairs, R22 will be more expensive.

    The cost difference to go R410A should be pretty low for comparable units (13ACX & XC13). Efficiency will be the same, but future repairs will be less, and the refrigerant is more environmentally friendly.

    The only difference between the two models quoted is warranty and hail guards. If you have no kids that could damage the outdoor coil, and compressor warranty is not a huge issue, go with the 13ACX.

    As for the return, $260 sounds like a good price to add another cold air return, if this will get more return air from the living space.

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    i would have to agree with joe
    I dont warranty Tinkeritus

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    would not go with anything less than xc13

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