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Thread: Hybrid systems

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    Hybrid systems

    New Member, what a great forum you have here. A question about hybrid systems, combo gas and heat pump. I live in the western suburbs of Chicago , our town buys its own electricity wholesale,cost .073 per kwh,gas is local utility at .92 per cubic meter w/ the delivery price included.Does anyone know where I can run some numbers or does anyone have experience if these types of systems will save me money and get some payback over a 10 year period. The house I have was built to my specs, it is 3500 sq.ft.,I insulated it well, a local HVAC , did a load on the house for air infiltration and said there was no need for any extra insulation (he said it was close to needing a heat exchanger it was so tight )other than sealing the ceiling lights which they did. In talking to my neighbors my current bills are 1/2 of thiers, I average about $175.00/ mo during the heating season and that includes a heated 3 car garage kept at 50 degrees, my electric bills average $100/mo during the summer. My current system is 20 years old , it is a first generation 90 plus gas with 13 seer a/c .Would a hybrid system work for me, or can some one direct me to help me with the numbers or decision.
    thanks I have been reading al night on the forum to see if someone had answered this question, but I could not find anything this specific.

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    google retscreen.

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    That seems like very reasonable utility bills to me. Sounds like you have a good setup. A heat pump might save you some. You just have to see what the difference in price on a hp vs. a/c vs. payback. I would stay with the 90 furnace at any rate.

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    You are fortunate that you have both inexpensive electric and nat gas rates. I ran some numbers and a heat pump does have a small advantage over nat gas in a dual fuel system. I would expect this advantage to widen but that's just my idea.

    Here is a fuel comparison calculator to help you with your decision.


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