A Texan on vacation walks into an Irish pub. He stands at the bar and makes a loud declaration:

"We love drinking in Texas, and I'd say we're the best in the world at it. However, I keep hearing you Irish boys think you're the best, so I've got a little wager for you."

The Texan slaps 2 hundred dollar bills down on the bar and yells, "Barkeep! I want you to put out 100 shots of whiskey!"

The bartender complies, and once the shots are lined up, the Texan slaps down 2 more bills and says "I'll give this to anyone who can drink all of these shots in one go."

The pub is silent for a moment, then one man runs outside and down the street. The Texan starts laughing and taunting the pub's patrons about their lack of courage to accept his challenge. Finally the man who had run out returned, walked straight up to the bar without saying a word, drank all 100 shots, and snatched up the money.

The Texan, amazed asked "Why'd you run away if you could do it that easy, boy?!"

To which the Irish man replied "Well, I didn't want to embarrass myself, so I ran to the pub next door to make sure I could do it first!"