This guy had throat surgery and was unable to eat or drink anything for six months so they had to feed him with tube.

After about 3 months his body started to reject the feeding tube so they started feeding him via enema.

One day he goes to see his doctor:

Doctor: So how's it going John, would you like a cigarette?
John: It's going well Doc. Yes, I believe I would care for cigarette.
Doctor: Would you like a cup of coffee?
John: Why yes, that sounds good.

The doctor proceeds to gather up an enema bag and funnel as John drops his pants and bends over a chair. As the doctor begins to give John his coffee enema John screams.

John: Whooaa, hold on their Doc.
Doctor: What's the matter John, is it too hot?
John: No it's not to hot, you forgot the cream and sugar.