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    Variable vs. One Speed Air Handler

    I just got a quote from a contractor on replacting a 2 ton 10 seer Bryant heat pump. They quoted replacing it with a 2 ton 14 seer Carrier two speed fan outdoor unit and single speed air handler. They said that the way my duct work is set up it was not able to handle a variable speed unit. They said you would not be able to notice a difference and more than likely the duct work would contribute the overworking the system. My house is not that old so I want to try to use the duct work I have before going with the option of replacing it.

    I am trying to heat/cool less than 1000 square feet upstairs with this unit and my master bedroom is downstairs (so we hardly go upstairs for the most part).

    The other quotes I have been given are pushing the variable speed unit and are quite a bit higher. I am trying to way the cost benefit of upgrading to the variable unit.

    Any advice????

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    IF the duct work with your old unit was sized properly, allowing approximately 800 cfm of air flow(400 cfm/ton), then switching to a new 2 ton unit delivering 800 cfm should still be sufficient. With that being said, without looking at what your tech is seeing, he could be right? Get a second or even a third opinion.
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    Confused carrier Infinity Series AC question?


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    That contractor could be correct, your ductwork could be undersized enough, that the VS blower would cause duct noise.
    Or, he may not like VS blowers.
    The best way to tell, is if one of the contractors checks the static pressure, and measures how much air the current air handler is moving.
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