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    Confused Confused HO in AZ - Lennox vs Trane

    Really Newbie here
    (especially after the information overload in these forums )
    Probably no right answer here, but i figure i'd put the question out ...

    Replacing 2 3 ton Carrier units due to leaks, condensation problems, etc. Spending on average > $500 every year per unit.
    Done with that.

    Got quotes from a recommended installer.
    Trying to decide between Lennox XC21 vs Trane XL16i with the filtration (mainly to take advantage of the rebates).
    Sold on the new refrigerant.
    Sold on the 2-stage.
    Sold on the warranties.
    Don't mind the higher SEER rating (20 on the Lennox) if it does make an impact to the wallet.
    Not sold on the price - but it is what it is.
    Neigbor is very comfortable with his Trane - but reviews here tend to lean more towards Lennox (might be my perception).

    Not writing a thesis on HVAC - just need trouble free, efficient units, period.


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    in arizona i would go for the 20 seer over the 16 if prices are anywhere close.

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    The Trane gets between 15 and 17.10 SEER depending upon indoor unit.

    The Lennox gets over 20 SEER depending upon indoor unit.

    So there's quite a difference in operating costs, something that may be a major factor with your heat.

    We probably have more "Tranewashed" on here than Lennox fans but really, if the job is well done, both will be great products.

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    There is a site that contains the rating for a lot of different HVAC systems. They are given with a certain coil, furnace/air handler, and outdoor unit. They give the SEER and EER ratings. So if your guy can give you that info (ARI Ref #) you can check the systems out by their ratings.

    That being said, I'm in the same boat as you as I need to have a new system installed. I went through the plethora of units available and spent some time on this site lurking as well as asking questions. Most of the folks in the know state that the install is one of the keys to a good operating system. Also, I'm borrowing from the folks that have been kind enough to provide feedback, that most of the manufactures out there have very good systems. However, you have to decide what gives you the most bang for your buck based on your criteria. I need a system that works well in a high heat/humidity area with a low requirement for heating. The guy I'm working with sells Trane and Goodman/Amana lines.

    We sat down and went over the equipment based on my needs and he showed me that even though Trane had what I needed it would cost me a lot more so I'm looking at Goodman equipment. I had a Lenox guy out, while the equipment was impressive, it really didn't give me the best bang for my buck. Since I was looking at nearly the same SEER/EER ratings as the Goodman the cost was almost 50% more. I'm getting a lifetime warranty on the compressor and Heat Exchanger and 10 years part/labor on the rest. So as for me I'm going with Goodman/Amana.

    You may want to take a look at the Amana stuff as they have an 18 SEER unit that might meet your needs. Again is really up to who you feel most meets your need when providing service and a good product.

    I hope this helps....

    Just my 2 cents ....

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    if someone is stressing seer rating ask them whats going to show on the nice yellow energy star sticker that comes on every unit. i install majority high end equipment and i am not the cheapest guy in town but i back everything i put in with consumer reports articles and a nonpartial jury is not going to lie for any brand name. but everything starts with a proper installation and a proper sized system double check with your contractors to make sure this is going to happen.

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