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    best for geo existing splits packaged unit or hydro air?

    OK i know each install is different but what are some pro's and cons of each?
    existing hvac is 9yrs old in a 9yr old house. 4500sf like this:
    oil boiler
    hydro air 2 handlers
    2 outdoor splits for ac only

    1) replace existing ac only splits with geothermal splits and air handlers.

    2) add geo water to water, use a storage tank and run hydro air at 110. i see this around and don't understand the benefits.

    3) replace basement/1st floor unit with geo to air and run a geo split for the second floor.

    not looking to diy this just make some decisions about whats best way to go.

    thanks for your time.

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    9 year hydro air, unless you go radiant your not going to get a more efficient forced hot water system, if your looking to save on your fuel bill try having a independent service tech look at your unit, oil companies are not out to save you from using less fuel, i know some that don't even carry efficienty kits in their vans, there are controls out now that can save you 10-15% ask your service tech about installing one of them

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    I agree

    An outdoor reset control would be a better investment. I would look to add a multi-coil buffer tank with solar suppliment. Figure out what all that geo equipment is gonna cost and see how long it will take for the payback.

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