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    Spray foaming an attic in a 4000' house will cost you way more (short term) than a budget stretching 14/16 SEER system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by watercop View Post
    ...using sprayfoam insulation under the roof sheathing. Don't vent the attic. The ducts and HVAC equipment can be placed there without an efficiency / thermal penalty
    I think foaming my attic and making it conditioned space has been the best money I have spent on this old farm house.

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    Thanks for all the replies and input.

    I think we are going with the 3 units (13 SEER) which was option number two. We are going to put the dehumidifier in. I am also leaning to the air filtration as my son has pretty bad allergies....

    The builder looked into discounts we would get with the 14 or 16 SEER units from the eclectric/gas co but this didn't seem justify the cost difference. We figured that it might take 18-20 years to realize the savings from the initial outlay....

    Hope this makes sense...

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