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    Better Heat Source

    any thoughts on using a modulating boiler or a waterfurnace EW system for radiant and DHW??

    aprox. 5500sq ft of low temp radiant going in.... if i use sticker price alone then the boiler wins every time....

    i was more curious about heat control and such....

    thanks for the thoughts


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    What is your cost of fuel?

    electric rate $kw

    Gas rate per gallon for LP or per therm for Nat.
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    Like Karst said get the price info for your electricity and the price of your boiler fuel source and you can compare the operating cost. In many cases the Geo will cost you half as much or less to operate annually. If you think of it like MPG on a car nothing is close to Geo. It's a bigger investment but it continues to pay you back every month by lowering your utility bill, even long after it's paid for itself.
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    thanks guys

    yes, no doubt the geo is much more efficient....but do i loose heating control for the radiant?

    electric is a dual rate
    peak = 17.55kwh off peak= 12.88

    peak= 23.74 off peak= 12.55

    propane is like 2.50/gal

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    Even at those high rates for electric it is cheaper to run the geo unit, just not by much.

    Geo water to water is designed for infloor radiant. It will only put out 120 degs at most.
    Karst means cave. So, I search for caves.

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