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    Rheem RGRA 90 plus..ongoing issues


    I'm new here and hoping I can get some input on this Rheem furnace in my building.

    I have a Rheem RGRA 90 plus furnace and some ongoing issues with it.

    When I go away for a week and then come back home and try to fire up the heat I get normal activity..the blower turns on for a few(20-30)seconds and then when the igniter starts clicking I get nothing. The furnace won't fire.

    I found that if I tap on the gas valve while the igniter is clicking, the furnace will fire.

    I've replaced the valve as a check on that part...Same problem.

    I'm actually looking for advice as to what to be aware of when I bring an HVAC guy in to look at this. I am VERY wary of this because I've been ripped off in the past. I'm trying to avoid the "emergency repeair" scenario.

    Have any of you had any experiences like this with a Rheem?

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    1. Talk to family friends and neighbors and get their recommendation for a reputable service company.
    2. Call them.

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    Twilli would say if you come to an HVAC site full of HVAC techs and say they have ripped you off and want an answer form the same techs, Twilli would say your unlikely to get one.
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    I am very sure that you're aware of the numbers of Plumbers, HVAC, Automobile Mechanics etc out there that plain out rip people off. If you aren't then you are most definitely not being being honest about some of your bretheren in this business.

    I've been fixing heaters, regular old basic furnaces and industrial unit heaters, in a hundred year old industrial building that I've re-habbed and keep a business in. In my experience, when I was a renter in this building many years ago...and when the heaters would break...the landlord would call a repairman and almost every single time he flat out got ripped off. The old $700 call to come and swap out a thermocouple. It happens all the time and I'm sure there are plenty of guys here who understand the fact that these guys are way to common.

    I learned to work the things and quickly understood how he got ripped off. I haven't learned the ins and outs of a high efficiency deal because I'm at an age where things like large circuit boards tend to melt my brain. When I first saw one in a furnace, I cocked my head like a puzzled dog...didn't make much sense to me.

    The invention of the high efficiency heater has been a godsend for the unscrupulous folks in this particular business.

    Please don't take it personally Twilli, I'm sure most of the folks who come here to this forum to write about the HVAC world are smart enough to know when they AREN'T being talked about.


    I'm working on locating a reputable service.

    What I'm more interested from you guys is a clue, or, whether any of what I described has a familiar ring to it..something similar you might have experienced with a Rheem unit.

    When I swapped out the gas valve, the heater actually worked properly for a while..kicking on and firing properly...Then , the tenants went on a two week vacation and when they got back..same thing..all seemed until the click click click and no fire.

    Thanks and no offense intended.

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    time to call a PRO. Al so do your (homework) so not to get ripped off by some hack. And if your boss did his homewwork he Would have found someone honest not to charge 700 for a thermal coupling but maybe 400.

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