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    Trane HP System Assistance

    I am replacing my existing 2 ton HP and inside air handler. I've decided to install a Trane unit. However, at this point, I am confused as to what to install. I have gotten quotes from 3 local Trane installers and don't know if they are suitable, designed properly, or keep looking. I'm looking for a good system that will work properly and everyone (installer and me) is happy with the job/price.

    Here is the info.
    I plan to go with 410A instead of R22
    all dealers will replace gas and liquid lines

    Dealer 1
    Trane XR14 T4TWR4024A1000A
    Air Handler T4EE3F31B1000!
    controller - not specified
    10 kw electric heat
    one year warranty on parts and labor then Trane parts warranty

    Dealer 2
    Trane XR13 T4TWR3024A1000
    Air Handler T4TEC3F24B1000A
    10 kw backup heat
    TCONT802A controller
    5 years parts and labor warranty through dealer

    Dealer 3
    Trane XL15i 4TWX5024
    Air Handler 4TEC3F24A1000A
    10 kw electric backup
    honeywell controller
    one year parts and labor warranty then Trane parts warranty

    Dealer 1 cost is $500 less than dealers 2 and 3 which are just about the same.

    1. Which system should I go with, or keep looking?
    2. Any problems with the combination of HP and air handler. Reading the posts, do I need a variable speed air handler, 4TEE model or the 4TEC with the XL15I HP. Does it make a difference?
    3. Should I get an extended warranty directly from Trane? Anyone know how much it would cost? Is it worth the money?
    4. Anything else you might suggest?

    Thanks for everyone's help.

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    Are they all sizing the equipment on what was there before or did they perform a load/loss calculation on the home?

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    Trane HP System Assistance

    no. they are duplicating what is already installed. 2 tons worked fine. existing system is 20+ years old and has started to become undependable

    with regard to dealer 3 quote, the air handler is a 4TEE - variable speed not a 4TEC. The controller is a Trane XL800 series. The cost of dealers 1 and 2 is virtually the same and dealer 3 is $800 more.

    Which is the best approach?
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    Anytime you go above 13 with a Trane, you need the variable speed blower or you won't get expected SEER.

    So bid #1 with the XR14 and 4TEE air handler will get 14 SEER. Heating efficiency & capacity not that great

    #2 with the XR13 pump and TEC air handler gets you 13 like you are paying for. I wouldn't go with an extended warranty through the dealer, I would want it from Equiguard or Trane. The dealer's warranty is only as good as the dealer and as long as he feels like honoring it. With the other warranties, if there's an issue between you and the dealer, another dealer can honor the warranty.

    #3 is nuts quoting a XL15i heat pump with TEC blower which will drop you down in SEER. You are paying BIG bucks for the heat pump and not getting 15 SEER. HSPF is not impressive.

    #1 gets 14.00 SEER, minimum allowed 7.80 HSPF, heating output 21,400 BTUs
    #2 gets 13.00 SEER, 8.00 HSPF, heating output 22,400 BTUs
    #3 gets 14.00 SEER, 8.20 HSPF, better heating output of 23,600 BTUs

    Here's a job one of our guys just sold.

    Rheem RPNL-024 heat pump with RHKL variable speed blower, gets 14 SEER but a whopping 9.20 HSPF, far higher than any of your Trane bids. Also be less money than #1 and #3 I would think. Scroll compressor, which #1 and #2 aren't giving you, high & low pressure protection connected to a lockout board, something else you won't find in a Trane.

    And there are many other brands with better heating output and better HSFP, something more important in a cold climate.

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    I would keep looking.

    Doing a load calculation helps determine what each room needs it also helps you decide what system you will need to match perfectly your setup. You never know you may only need 1.5 tons would save a little money short and long term if that's all you need. Plus you would have the assurance that the new system will perform exactly as it should because you used someone that follows industry standards.

    Just my opinion.

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    #3 XL equipment has a 2 year dealer obligation and 10 year parts.

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