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    Quote Originally Posted by reepersteve View Post
    I saw some great stuff. It seems like the ductless split is very popular outside the country.
    Yes, I've never seen anything else in Thailand. They're everywhere, literally,LOL (as demonstrated). No need for heat pumps or furnaces, low temp usually around 80. That utility pole looked like what you see there also. That has to be a high insurance payment job. They use ungrounded 220V, and anytime you unplug anything it sparks... just imagine working on that cluster....
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    Quote Originally Posted by cmajerus View Post
    I have heard that they buy there own HVAC systems when they move into these apts and such, which would explain the hacked in equipment. Any one know if that is really the case?
    It's true. About 10 years ago I spent a month in Indonesia. Ductless splits can be purchased in most any store that sells appliances. Last month I spent a week in Argentina. While I was there, I saw several "retailers" who sold complete systems to the public. I also spotted a Totaline one day while walking around. Upon walking in the Totaline a gentlemen asked if he could help me. I didn't know enough spanish to ask how much a complete system costs. Apparently anyone with Pesos can purchase a complete Carrier, Bryant or Surrey split system.

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    The tech in the blue t-shirt, 7 floors up! OMG
    Thanks for the pics, hendrag

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    I would have to say that 39, 40, 46 "hard hat", and 48 "Face shield" are the top 4.

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    wow i hope those werent any pics of the u.s. and if they are the installer should be shot.

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    When I have a bad day now, it just seems not so bad anymore.

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    Wow almost frightening. I take it you spend a lot of time in the far east and mainland Europe. I noticed a small handfull that were UK installs judging from the architecture and the appearance of the inside of the buildings, but all of the rest seemed to be foreign. I know you work for LG and don't mean to offend, but it seems to suggests that LG must be the cheapest units you can buy judging by the amount that are shown in the pics.

    I have noticed though that the overall quality of installs is starting to drop here in the UK especially in aircon, plumbing and heating, and electrical work. I think it's because these skill centres over here who train people up within a couple of months. They give them a sense of false confidence without having enough experience, and in doing so lead them to beleive they can carry out installs like some of these shown here. Some of the people who are doing these installs must have seen some of these pics and thought if they can do it so can we. I just hope I never get a call to a site for a repair job on something like these.

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