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    Exhaust Fan Ducting

    I am a do it yourselfer and I have a few questions that hopefully the experts can answer. I am building a Laundry room in the Basement ( 90% finished) and have already installed ducting for Dryer behind wall. My wife is a smoker and has now asked me to install an exhaust Fan in the ceiling. I have two questions.

    1. I am concerned that the fan or Dryer will overload if both on at the same time competing for air flow.

    2. I cannot run the exhuast ducting the same route as the dryer without ripping down the drywall. The other availible option is to run into adjacent unfinished portion of basement using approx 30Ft of new 4" duct. There would be 4 bends to get to outside wall. The fan is 110 cfm.

    Looking for any advice on both questions



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    Sorry, This is not a DIY help site. Please consult a local contractor.

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