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Thread: nti matrix

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    nti matrix

    Anyone install one of these yet? Here is the link

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    have not installed any but we're going to school on them next month. From what the supply house salesman told me, they're dynamite in the right application. Over the top for most average size residential jobs.
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    I am a distributor for these. I have not sold one and I am not sure if I ever will. My main concern is what happens 10 years down the line when portion of this unit goes out and what if they are no longer around. The issue is that if the builder finds out how small he can make the mech room then the end user is up a creek if he wants to replace what this unit has.

    i.e.- Amana HTM

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    skip are you doing training at distributor or manufacturer?

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    Any updates on this equipment?

    Resurrecting this thread to see what's become of the NTI Matrix. I'm looking into a very similar line of equipment also from Canada.

    Economic downturn
    Energy costs
    Tax incentives

    More consumers conscious of
    Hot water: hybrid / tankless / solar / combi
    Increase in radiant in-floor heating (local market)
    HRV/ERV interest/appreciation

    All has me seriously looking into this type of product/line.

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