Thanks for those tips BaldLoonie. A lot to consider here, duct size and airflow being quite important. I guess I better calculate my CFM. I have a 20x25 air return in the LR, plus a 12x12 return at the top of the stairs. My air handler is in the attic. There are nine ceiling vents (3 in the LR and 1 in each of my other rooms), each connected to a separate 6 or 8 inch flexible duct which feeds off of a 10x18 inch (or larger, I need to measure) trunk line. Everything is easy to get to, so I could add some extra ducts and vents without a lot of problem, but changing out the plenum/air returns or trunk line would be a bigger job. I did take note of your suggestion for using the single stage unit with some upgraded coils, air handler and a dehumidifier and I will price those before making a decision. I've just been looking to see if there is a unit that would heat my house and keep those strips from kicking in. With the cost of electricity, I'd rather spend a little more up front to save down the road. A little more insulating is probably the best money I can spend.