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    Question Lennox Heat Pump

    I went to a house the other day for a no heat call. I found the reversing valve to be stuck in cooling mode when the coil is de-energized. The unit is 7 years old and has had 3 RV coils replaced ( one of them 3 weeks ago ). The pressures were great for cooling mode. So I diagnose that the RV is no good. I returned the next day to install the reversing valve and when I removed the old one I find a 3/8" street 90 in the center 7/8" copper stub coming out of the valve. I turned the valve up side down and it fell out all dented and beat up. I was wondering if any one has seen this sort of thing before.

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    I never have.

    Must of been a disgruntled guy on the line the day that one was assembled.
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    The coil and the valve are not match then. It buzzed so they did that.

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