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    Help choose Lennox furnace and Honeywell Thermostat

    We're having a new house built and the standard furnace is the Lennox G43UP (92.1% 1 stage/ standard blower). What's a good way to determine whether we should upgrade to the Lennox G61MPV (94.6% 2 stage /variable blower)?

    I understand it's only slightly more efficient - so for substantial upgrade for each furnace it doesn't seem like the cost benefit is there? We would also get a Honeywell VisionPro-IAQ thermostat and a 5" air cleaner - if we upgraded to G61... With the G43 - we'd get the Honeywell TH6000 and a 1" air cleaner.

    I'm guessing they are really charging a lot for this upgrade - does anyone have comments on what should be the pricing difference between these 2 models?

    If I stay with the G43 - should I upgrade to the VisionPro-IAQ thermostat? We will have 3 zones (2 furnaces) - so it seems like that would be nice to have only one place to set the programs - but again the upgrade price seems like a lot...

    Any comments/suggestions/thoughts on costs/DIY ideas are appreciated!

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    first off remove you pricing it is not allowed on this site

    now i think you should upgrade to the better unit. You can also get a temn year warrenty and they are very reliable units. The total upgrade you will be glad you did

    the g43 are builders grade and wont serve you as well IMO

    you will find since you are zoning one system the G61mv will get you better controlof the zoning and air flo. Also if you are zoning then get the lennox harmony zone system

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    Thanks for suggestions - I removed the pricing info.

    They do not show a Harmony thermostat as available. Is that because they are using all Honeywell zoning and fresh air systems (maybe some incompatibility or Honeywell just less pricey)? Are either of these thermostats Do-it-yourself projects or is there extra wiring needed for these?

    Is there any way to estimate how much more efficiency is gained with the 2-stage and variable blower? I understand the furnace itself is 2% more efficient - but because there would be less cycling with the 2-stage/variable -- can you say it would be overall 10% more efficient? Or any stats of that type???


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    Harmony-3 is the lennox zone system used with lennox equipment. It used with a v-drive furnace and 2 stage ac. It also can use any t=stat

    the honeywell zone system is also good but seems you arent getting all you can get if you were to look a little deaper into this you will find that getting the right equipment and accessaries will sevre your needs better in the long run. More costly at first but will save you as time goes by.

    sit down and talk to your contractor and find out all you options before you start. Ask for details and brochures on all the equipment.

    you can also go to lennox site and get more info

    this is a new house with long term operating cost. time to look at the whole picture to keep those costs down.

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