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    Inventive Cellar Cooler

    Done this job a while ago. Went to fit a new cellar cooling system into a hotel. On Arrival found that the hotel handyman had rigged up his own cellar coolers. He had found some old fan motors and some small flexi ducting. As you can see he was hoping that the moving air from the fan would flow right up the flexi duct to outside. He even put some mesh around just for health and safety purposes. He said its worked really well but just doesnt quite get cold enough. Me and my boss struggled to keep straight faces! He took some pictures as well lol. Unbelievable!!!
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    That took some time to rig up. I'm sure it kept the air moving in the cellar but no air would have been moving through the 'ductwork'. He could of at least cut the ends off of the cable ties. All that work to make the fan safe and then someone could've poked an eye out!
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    Im sorry did you just use the term safe fan. Well gotta go, need to feed my pet alligator while juggling chainsaws standing on a ladder, but Ill be sure to wear my "safety" glasses.

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    same set-up im my house, open fan in garage, 14" flex with 8" branches to each room. works like a champ LOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    WOW thats cool
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    Where is this at? How did the local Health Dept let this go by as ok?
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    Talking What the ???????????????

    What quality workmanship !

    I used to work on the scottish and newcastle contracts but that is one of the most quality jobs i have ever seen !

    Makes you proud to be british have we had a few hacks flown in specially to commision this work of art stick it in the tate gallery would do more good than in that so called beer cellar

    Of course it does not meet the wiring regualtions as the lump of copper strip is not earthed!!! (ground for us chaps)

    Hope you ripped it out and charged them for it

    Seroiusly though there are checks in place what about the local licensing authority to keep his licesnse they still have to obey the health and safety acts etc. would seriously fail his premises inspections ???

    Good luck with piece of C**p made me smile after a day of more S**t
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