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    I have the Carrier white papers on "Odoriferous coils" and Dirty Socks Syndrome. it is caused by a common but harmless mold that grows in the crevices of a wet finned coil. The mold dies when the coil drys out or goes into heating but does not smell. When the coil goes back to cooling the dead mold plus water releases a musty locker-room type odor.
    Trane and Carrier supposedly have been sued over this even though it is not their fault. Carrier explored Chromate plating the coils but it was too expensive.
    The best product we have found for temporary relief is ECOTREAT by Ace which is a time release Chlorine Dioxide treatment spray.

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    Any restaurants in the building?
    We had a smell problem once that ended up being an uncleaned grease pit. (We were told it had just been cleaned but finally checked it in the end)
    The excess was rising up and getting in the floor drains in the air handler rooms.
    Verify that if there are any floor drain ptraps in the suction of the air handlers they are wet and not dried out.

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