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    Quiet Side Boilers

    I am a contractor from NH who does not post on here much, think I have posted 1 time in 2 years now.
    Anyway,I guess my question would be ,does any one have any experience with Quiet Side boilers and what is your opinion on them?We have encountered numerous issues with these units(ALOT OF UNITS) and was wondering if any one has experienced the same problems we have?

    Since we had so many issues with the Quiet Side boilers we have dropped the line and started installing Buderus wall hung boilers and Baxi wall hung boilers which we are very happy with ,we just wish the connections on the bottom of the baxi were a little easier to work with.
    Any feed back about the Quiet Side boilers would be great.

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    Sold them as a wholesaler and have installed some..... have one in my house that hasn't missed a beat in 5 years. What are you seeing as problems?
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    Company I work with had considered selling them at one time. One of the employees installed one in his home and connected it to in floor radiant and a coil in ductwork. He had a continuous problem with it misfiring. Quietside sent a new board and he installed it, but still had a problem. After several problem calls,they finally replaced it with the system of his choice. We hooked the problem unit to a forced air blower in one of our shops and have not had any more problems with it. We also decided to go with Munchkin as company brand of choice for mod/cons.
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    We have had alot of trouble with bad three way valves and domestic water flow switches.Also they are massive leakers over time and the o rings wear out and need to be replaced.A few control boards have gone bad and probably just over a dozen inducer motors.
    We also ran into the combustion issues with the unit groaning and delayed ignition.The delayed ignition is a easy fix which is you have to make sure the gas pressure is set correctly.The groaning is also simple,they use to make the boilers with out a inducer shroud on them.When the unit would run in the winter it would take in too much cold air to fast and cause it to moan.
    They then started making them with the inducer shrouds and the problem was solved,but I got to say there tech support is the worse I have ever dealt with.I have NEVER talked to there tech support with out being hung up on.
    It's pretty bad when you call the supply house that sells them to order a part and they do nothing but bad mouth the equipment.
    I will say the probably have 4 or 5 out there that have never given us trouble.
    (Just jinxed myself ya know)

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    We installed one and then ran away from them. We had more problems than you can imagine! But the main issue we had was that the maximum water temperature for heating was 170F! That's okay if the baseboard is sized for 170* water but as a replacement unit in a home with baseboard rated for 180* water, it just didn't cut it. We had to cut in special resistors to get the water temperature up to 180. We offered the HO a new system but they refused as they had already seen the gas bill with the new unit versus the old unit. So they've kept it and we've only had one additional problem and that was a flow switch just a couple of weeks ago. I guess in Korea they heat with 170 but not here so we haven't put anymore in. Get me once, shame on you, get me twice, shame on me! No thanks.
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    You should be very happy with Buderus and Baxi.


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    We installed 1 also.
    Didn't like it. As above, 170* water was a problem. Got lucky, and made a minor modication in the piping, and got the flow rate high enough for the baseboard to heat at OD design.
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