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    Dewalt HVAC Reference Handbook

    Anyone buy one and what do you think?
    I found one new on Ebay for ten bucks.

    For those of you that do not have a Copeland hand reference they can be had on the Emerson site. A real lifesaver.

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    I got a 25.00 gift certificate for Amazon from an online survey for WR. I bought Norm's book out of that. I haven't had much time to look at it though. This site is too addicting.
    Karst means cave. So, I search for caves.

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    I was also given one last Christmas and haven't used it much. My issue with printed material is that it seems as if it is outdated in little time. At least w/ software or sites like this the new or revised material comes to market a lot quicker. So, it looks nice on the desk, but doesn't do much else.....

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    modern refrigeration is a great book with tons of info

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