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Thread: noisy condenser

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    noisy condenser

    I have a Carrier heat pump. The outside condenser is making an constant loud grinding noise. The fan is running fine with no problems and I checked the pressures with gauges and they are fine. It is cooling fine inside the home.
    What could be causing this noise? I am concern the compressor is going out? Is there anything else that could cause this noise? Is there anything I can do to prevent a complete break down?

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    quit putting your gauges on it and call a tech.

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    pressures are find.
    Means you didn't check the operation of the system.
    The pressures themselves are not informative.
    Going by pressure alone, when the unit was charged, or topped off, may have caused the problem.

    As you know by now.

    DIY help is not permited here.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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