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    Invensys Master/slave themostat 9708i

    I have a Invensys/Robert Shaw programmable thermostat 9708i that I have hooked to a remote sensor in an inlaw apartment I have.
    I would like to know if it is possible to have a slave thermostat connect so that if the tennants want to turn the heat down they can.
    I have multipair wire run purposely for this as everyone has told me it is possible but no one knows how to wire it.
    This is a FHW system heat only.
    The techs at Robert Shaw said it was possible but they didn't know what to tell me for a diagram.
    When i find out I will share this with the electrician as seems this is a common occurrance in landlord provided heating.

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    No DIY. Read site rules. Contact a contractor and have them come install you some good equipment that you can depend on.

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