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    Heat Pump - Operation Question - Is This Right?

    I am used to a gas furnace for my heating, so that may be why I think something is not right.

    We just purchased a home that has a heat pump (no gas!). We have our thermostat set at 68....The thing kicks on sometimes, even when it is sitting at 68 in the room which is what we set it to...but when this happens, it doesnt put out any hot air, but not cold air either. When it falls below 68, it kicks on, and the auxilary heat kicks in, which is warm air to get it back to 68.

    My question is, when we hvae it set to 68, and the temp shows 68 in the room the termostat is on, with a heat pump, is it supose to put out not hot nor cold air, but an in between? If so, does it do this to keep the temp at 68 in the room?

    The only time that actually hot air comes out is when the auxilary is kicked on. Thanks Alot!

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    Heat pumps do work with cooler temps than you're used to with gas but it should be able to heat without the aux. unless its very cold. Should have a pro check pressures..

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    yeah that's pretty normal. The temps may feel colder than gas furnace but if it's above 68º your adding heat to your home. As the outside temps rise the hp will put out more btu's making it feel warmer.

    If you are 98.7ºF.....97ºF blowing on you will feel cool to you....but it's still above the room temp your wanting of 68º....

    You'd rather your auxiliary heat not come on until absolutely needed.

    if you think it's not working correctly...first check your filter then call a pro.

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    heat pump question

    On a call for heat your air handler and heat pump should come on. When it first comes on the air feels cool because its pulling the cold air off the floor. A heat pumps air temp output is usually in the mid ninety's without auxillary heat on. It doesn't reach this temp instantly either, it has to run a while to reach this temp. On your old gas furnace by the time the blower came on the air temp was around 130degress. This could be why the heat pump feels cool to you,especially when it first comes on. If you set the thermostat for a certain temperature and the house is staying that temperature I would say your only problem is your just not use to the heat pump yet.

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