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    Heat pump for basement


    Have a home with Mitshibushi 4 ton Multi City for the home. (2900 sq ft) home has foam insulation with and the
    system does a great job at low operating cost. The basement is 1500 square feet and is insulated with 3 inch foam on walls. The temp is only 56 degrees in basement with the temp in the main house at 68. There is no insulation between the basement ceiling and first floor. Was planning either propane hot water heat or another single heat pump for the basement. Location is Fairfield County in Conn. and we are on the coast so temps are not the low in the winter.

    Was thinking that heat rises so in addition to warm basement would allow me to heat basement during the day and them heat would rise at night easing load on main

    I have never had to run the mini's in the second floor as the house does not lose much energy so temps on second floor are within 1 degree on main floor.

    Seems a 2 ton mini with a cop of 3.5 would do it.

    Any ideas?



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    often, the smaller mini's are more efficient.

    So, do a manual J load calculation on it, and pick the smallest most efficient one you can get away with.

    I suspect that 2 tons is more than you will need.

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