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    Hallowell Acadia Cost

    Hi Folks,

    I'm building a house and was considering geo-thermal at one point, until I saw the cost. My builder's HVAC guy recommended the Hallowell Acadia as a nice compromise, and I went with it. Although I'm excited about the system, I'm concerned about the price I paid for it. I'm hoping folks on this thread can provide some feedback on if I paid too much or got a reasonable deal. Here are some stats:

    * Price paid for Hallowell system = , above and beyond a high efficiency propane Goodman furnace only (no A/C), which the Hallowell system is replacing.

    * House is approx. 3,600 sq' and has 3 zones. To go from 1 zone to 3 zones was on top of the .

    * Ductwork was not part of the .

    * House is located in NH

    Any thoughts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dsilvest View Post
    Any thoughts?
    Ya, you can't follow the site rules! No pricing!

    3. Home Owners - no pricing questions please

    Only people who actually see your job can price it. Also, this is a site to promote the learning of HVAC technical knowledge and as such, questions of the type "$5,000 for a XXX system, is this a good price?" do not fit in with the theme of the site. Home owners, do NOT post prices.

    Posts of this type will be deleted.
    Perhaps you should have read the instructions before calling.

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