Following up on a previous post. I am still trying to resolve with installer.

Have the following:
58MVB (Carrier 3 Stage furnace)
286ANA, (Bryant HP)
CNPVP (Carrier Coil)
Evolution Tstat., (Version CESR131339-14)

My question is, what should the TSTAT be display regarding the 3 stage furnace? In the advanced menu under Furnace Lifetime Hours, I see counters for: Blower, Power, Low Heat, High Heat. Shouldn't there be a counter tracking lifetime hours for Medium Heat as well?

Previous input from this site indicated that the TStat should indeed be tracking all 3 stages. I was also advised that the Tstat needed to be a "-B". I am not sure what this means. Is this a software version or a hardware model # ?
I gave the "-B" info to the dealer who says he checked with Bryant and that there is only one model of the Evolution TStat. Mine was the first 3 stage for the installer and he admits that he is not overly familiar. But he is telling me that he thinks it is working correctly.

Can one of you Carrier/Bryant pro's help clear this up for me and possibly give me some more specific info that I can relay to the installer. What exactly should I be seeing on the display screen showing proper operation/ lifetime hours/ cycle counters with the 3 stage furnace?