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    Good Shootin Tex!

    Brand new house and the siders shot a nail all the way through 1 1/8 copper suction line. This is what it took to fix it.

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    Yeah, them and roofers seem to think there is only one size nail for their nail guns, 3"...

    We don't have much siding, mostly brick in my service area, but we did about 20k last spring/summer fixing refrigerant lines that roofers popped holes in.
    When we install a new lineset, it has to push up through the soffit between the top plate of the outside wall and the roof deck.
    There is only about a 3.5" space to push it through, and I always make sure it is as far from the roof deck as possible, usually 1 to 1.5 inches.
    Roofer comes along and shoots 2" to 3" nails through 1" of material, guess what happens...
    Or instead of pulling the old nails out, that are left after tearing off the old roof, they beat them down flush with the roof deck and force the tip into a refrigerant line...

    As much as they squealed about the price to fix it before, especially with R-410A, I can't wait to see their reaction now that refrigerant has gone up again, lol.
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    Job security....gotta love it
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    Not uncommon around here. Actually had 30 holes shot in a 36 inch length of tubing. Found and replaced that section in the stucco. Sent photos to the general contractor, along with a hefty bill. Last time that co. worked for the general contractor.

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    had to do that a few times last summer. some JA putting a mirror in the bathroom was using 3inch long screws put 4 in one 3/4 suction line and knicked the 3/8 liquid line twice!!!
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    Once a carpenter nick the line set with Sawzall .

    Could not figure out why he use the sawzall that close to a line set

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    Never fails, I had a customer call me up all ticked off at me because it was hotter than heck out and he turned on the AC I just put in when he built the place in the spring and it didn't work. Man I had a chip on my shoulder when I found the staple in that lineset, damn things were the longest I ever saw. I didn't feel a bit sorry when I charged him for it after the way he talked on the phone.
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    that bites. had a no cool call where ho was cutting the vines off of the side of his house and cut not one but both lines . you would think after he cut on he would have backed off but he cut both and tried to stop flow with duct tape
    system was over 15 year old he paid to repair and recharge the thing have been back to replace fan motor @ $480.00 the last summer we changed the whole system for 12g

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