Hello all. I would to start by aplogizing to everybody because this post might be a tad long. I went to WYOTECH for HVAC about 4 years ago. The text book we used was Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology 4th Edition. I believe it had 3 authors. Anyway, the main gist of this thread is wether anyone out there thinks this book is any good. When I was going to school, I found it very difficult to follow along with this book. One of the things that irritated me with this book, was that sometimes, when you are reading a specific paragraph and that paragraph references a symbol ar drawing of some type e.g. see Fig. 1; most of the time that drawing or symbol would be about 2 or 3 pages away from tha paragraph you were reading. So, that you have a tendency to get lost or confused. Personally, I felt that this textbook was not fluid. But here is the irony, I just got hired 4 weeks ago as an apprentice, and they are sending me for online studies. The textbook we are using is the same book but the 5th edition. I am asking everybody in this forum for their opinion as to what they think would be a good HVAC textbook. Thanks for all your opinion.