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    Here's a few of the things I've ran into recently

    Original Call: Loud return, comes on and goes off alot (short cycles). Can you fix it?

    You;re looking at the complete return system. (I am especially fond of how they put the grille on upside down, you gotta love that fine craftsmanship) BTW: This is located in the kitchen.

    Second job. Not much to say here!

    Did you pay for this?

    Third job......Looks like theres been a few repairs here. It's like looking for Waldo. Can you find all the parts?

    Mmmmmm...strawberry milkshake anyone?

    How about a furry little friend

    This one also has another well designed and crafted return air system.

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    sounds like you got some work

    those look interesting. Looks like you got some selling to do to your homeowners. To bad they probally will not invest in making there hvac system better and they will wonder why there furnace only last a few years from inproper returns, probally firing to hot, to high of return and supply duct td's, and they wonder why there heat exchangers and other parts fail so soon. A system installed correctly and have a proper start up on is they only way to go not some hack job with lots of parts and repair.


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    Looks like some of the jobs I've seen in Southeast Washington DC, Push hold the camera steady next time when you take the picture ! either that or you need a new camera.

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    I think the pictures do justice , and got the point across.

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    I know that wasn't your spilled drink....right? I didn't think so.
    Tough times don't last...Tough people do.

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