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    Boiler piping question?

    About a month ago i converted over to gas and had a Burnham PVG installed question is from reading on this forum i notice that i do not have a boiler bypass. i asked the plumber about this and he said my system does not need it because it dosn't have a lot of water volume. i have fin tube baseboards 2 zones and an indirect all togather there is about 170 feet of baseboard. What do you think is what the plumber told me correct? he told me he has done hundreds of boilers and on a system like mine he has never put in a boiler bypass.

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    On a high temp lower water volume application like baseboard and the indirect, a bypass isn't needed. The installation instructions call for a bypass on installations with large old radiators or cooler temp like infloor radiation. You should be fine.

    But if that plumber never puts in a bypass, he's probably done it wrong at least some of the jobs.

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    some boilers require it because they need a certain flow through the boiler or with a lot of mass takes to long to heat the large amount of water it is used to stop boiler shock but your guy is right since you have baseboard and not alot of mass then yours should be fine without a bypass.

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    Your 3/4" baseboard at 170' holds 4.25 gals.

    Depends on the indirect how much water they hold on the boiler side, but they don't hold a lot of boiler side water.

    Your plumber is basically correct on your install from the limited info you gave us.

    Bypasses can have detrimental effects on indirect water heater recovery times.
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