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    Fried Chicken hint.

    "Before cooking, lick poultry to make sure it doesn't taste "Salmonella-y"

    From the top 10 list of Emeril's cooking hints on Dave Letterman.
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    Ewwwwww. Not me.

    What's funny is my Granny was one of the greatest southern cooks in my book but she had one issue. She made the best tasting fried chicken bar none but the big pieces like the thigh and breast was always a bit under done at the bone and there would be some raw/undercooked meat there. If you said anything she would bite your head off. Oh and her biscuits along with my Aunts, and moms are never burnt. They are just a little extra brown. I think they do this on purpose cause I always give them sh!t about it.
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