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    yakima washington
    air don't care !!
    i can't believe the first r.a pic they had all the room they needed why? oval it out .I assume this a high $ home ? how can they stay in business or even sleep at night (hacks). was it inspected ? it looks like a cluster**** to me and i would hate to be called out there. contractors always put in janajunk or similar and have a good duct system this is reverse good system not being used to its full capacity due to poor air flow how could you balance it

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    Iguess i get to sell a duct system in a few years! I think I will go to a nice spagetti diner first befor the inspector get their. ever herd of a d-box

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    atleast they used mastic


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    In the second picture, you have to love that run where it is pinched at the top plate before it runs along the roof line.

    QC at it’s best.

    These manufacturers could give a flip about jobs like this. The contractor receiving recognition is for boxes moved, not quality of job. And the contractors use these rewards to brainwash the public in their ads they are good based on manufacturer rewards and recognition they receive. Can you say consumer fraud.

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    I may be crossing a line here but I'm going to anyway. A number of members have mentioned that this gives not only the manufacturer a bad name but also the industry. This kind of crap does nothing to help the perception people have of an hvac tech. When you guys see something like this that is so obviously wrong why don't you drop an email to the licensing department or someone else with authority? Some of the stuff i have personally seen and even some of the pics on here are bad but oh well. This one is huge! We are talking big bucks and it hopefully is not too late to get it fixed. I don't know, just seems wrong to allow it. If this is install stands as is and a year later the customer calls in a company for an opinion that includeds a total rework of a brand new system, what is going to go through the customers mind. Are they going to think you are trying to rip them off or will they realize that has already happened and your there to help correct the mess. There are times when people like this need to be tossed under the bus, this is definately one of them.

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    i bet the equipment is not an ARI matching system and is oversized by at least 25%

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    I don't even know if I could do this one if I tried.... I would at least need a box of some sort to hack in the returns... I guess this guy can do without. Must be alot of tape and mastic holding that mess together...

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