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    Mix HV and conventional?

    My house is 2300 square feet - a two story. Problem is that the crawl space under the house is an average 12 inches high. Some spots lower and some higher. I have unfinished attic space above on the second floor. Only one closet in the downstairs and it's already got the water heater and fuse panel.

    My question is - would it be possible/practical to do a High Velocity system for the downstairs and a conventional for upstairs? Should you mix them in the same house?

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    You can mix them in the same house but why? There's a common misconception that conventional systems can't be installed in small spaces. FYI, we have conventional oval ducts that easily fit into a wall cavity. We have flexible ducts that can be PROPERLY installed in tight spaces. And closets on the first floor are not generally a consideration for bringing ducts from the attic down. It's closets ont he 2nd floor that would be used to access rooms on the first floor. Sometimes it's necessary to box in a duct in the corner of a room to hide a duct that can't find a closet but 95% of the time a conventionial system can be installed if the owner has the desire to have it done. We install both HV and conventional but the HV is more money and IMO, a poorer result with less efficiency. But there is not reason you couldn't install both types of systems in a home, just not both types on the same system.
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    Depends how big your attic is, you might be able to install a conventional in the attic for both floors.
    Use closets on second floor to get to first floor.
    You can zone it for better temp control.
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    Thanks. Just trying to get all my options on the table.

    I have a pretty good (as far as I know) contractor working on how to get a conventional system in but I don't want to rule out HV.

    The closets don't line up unfortunately. Also, the small crawlspace is like a spiderweb with plumbing, the piers the house is built on, etc.

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