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    Sizing with bonus and sun room

    I am considering a change to geo and was trying to get an idea of what size.House from works out to have 42213 btu of heat loss and 37173 btu of heat gain.18000 btu of loss and 16000 of gain are due to a porch converted to a sun room that still has themo french doors and is often left shut and a bonus room over my garage that is unfinished but we also have plans for occasional use.Both of rooms could be isolated in extreme cold or heat.Should I use the calculations with them figured in or without them? the two rooms are almost halve the gain and loss.Thanks

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    If you want to condition them, they have to be included.

    Might want to consider a second unit for those 2 areas. That way, most of the time, your on;y running one smaller unit.
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