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Thread: Plenum exits

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    Plenum exits

    Is is okay if a plenum(5 duct taps, three 9"", one 8", one 7") have all of it's duct runs come out of only 2 sides? Reason I'm asking is that where the plenum will be going is blocked on 2 sides by walls up to a certain height, so that a 43" plenum would only have tap access on 2 sides. But if it was built taller to 76", the plenum could now have taps on all 4 sides. Thanks very much for any comments.

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    shouldn't really matter, just if they come out and have to 180 back the other direction you are adding alot of equivilent length to the run, I would make the plenum taller so that the runs are tighter to the ceiling I guess myself but i can't see the job so can't say for sure how I would do it.
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    I would tap in with a trunk line and run it out so as to get better air flo to all the runs

    like was said already i am not there so cant realy tell

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