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    so simple ask them to go see some of their work , should be no hesitation if you dont like what you see dont hire them, no brainer

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    The easiest way is to see if the van says "Smokin" on the side....

    only kidding you. Ask for references from at least 2 yr old installs....
    If everything was always done "by the book"....the book would never change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dafreerider View Post
    While asking friends sounds like a great idea, but two of the recommended contractors turned out complete duds. One recommended one - you'll be laughing - asked me what is a condensing furnace, when I described my current equipment. When I told him that I want the outdoor unit to have a 2-stage compressor, he asked me if they "still" make them? What? Another recommended guy who installed a system to my friend, looked at my furnace (20-year old Trane XL90) and said - "hmmm... this looks too complicated". He then proceeded to tell me that he can install a good system for me. When asked about brand, model #, etc., he said "Don't worry, it's gonna work well".

    I know that references can be rigged. That's why I want to see for myself what a good contractor sounds like

    Also, I check their names versus site for having a good record.

    So, question: if they ask me if I experienced any problems with temp control and I say no, would it be considered okay to base the sizes on the current system?
    Friends aren't qualified to know,that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

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