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    Quote Originally Posted by ksufan View Post
    So that must mean that Republicans want McCain so we can endure 4 more years in Iraq looking for those WMD's and 4 more years in Afghanistan looking for Osama!! I honestly don't think W remembers why we are there anyway, according to him "Mission Accomplished" was in May of 2003!!!
    I hate to add to the hijacking of this thread, but I simply cannot let this one slide.

    We know the WMD's exist- they came, at least in part, from the US when Iraq was our ally against Iran. The fact that we haven't found them doesn't make me feel better. If I'm in the woods with the world's largest rattlesnake, I want know exactly WHERE he is. Just because I can't see him doesn't make me safe.

    Contrary to what the libs keep telling us, George Bush did not hang that banner to indicate that he thought the war was over. It was put up by the crew of the ship to celebrate the fact that they had accomplished their mission at the time.

    A thread on this site was started recently in which we could write a caption to a picture as a joke. Apparently libs like to put their own caption on everything.
    It's a mechanical device, designed by humans, built by humans and operated by humans. What could possibly go wrong?

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    The fact that we haven't found them doesn't make me feel better.
    Me either. These things are gonna turn up someday, and it could be a horrifying event when they do.

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