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    Installing meter onto JCI BMS

    Good evening , or afternoon, or even morning dependant where you are...anyway..
    I wish to install pulse output metering gas,water,electric etc to our Metasys BMS. We have an ADX+NAE55. Field devices DC9100+TC9100 but mainly DX-9100.
    Ideally also would like to use the information to trend graphs for daily,weekly,monthly usage.

    Any ideas, can this be done with JCI Metasys (3.1) or maybe an external network dased program??

    Any takers,?!

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    Here are a few links to check out.

    The trends will be impossible to manage with Just a NAE (Memory) if you do not have a ADS. You will need to get one to handle that task.

    But for the money you would be shelling for the ADS software and PC, you could rip the NAE out , Put in a FX-40, And the FXServer software and have a much better setup. JMO

    Oops: guess I should read better! Did not see ADX in there.
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    If I recall correctly, the DX inputs require a minimum 50ms pulse.
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    Once the hardware is in place and wired, (and freddy-b links some real good examples), of course Metasys 3.1 can do it. I do have an ADX server, so I have an SQL database with all the data in it to be taken out any way I see fit. Whether an ADS or NAE85 or whatever collects the data in the same manner, I have no idea. I'm at 3.0, and I am just discovering the power and functionality. 3.1's biggest feature enhancement is more advanced database reporting (and Validated if you need it). I am just waiting for a couple of undisturbed days to get 3.1 in. I know I'm starting to sound like a salesman, but I have 4 major systems from 3 vendors, and assorted other 3rd parties attached, and I wish I was doing it all on Metasys. I do BACnet to one to do anything I need to over there. In the other vendor's case, one legacy system will not BACnet, and in the newer system it's extra, so we don't get it. Point being, I would have all my data and reporting in this one sock.

    Once the hardware is in place, I would use pulse meter objects attached to the particular input and set them up accordingly.

    Some metering will go right on N2 and will even do some energy calcs itself. Then some analog totalization would be useful.

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    I have some brand new Veris N2 networkable meters that came off a job and were never used. Still in the box. Let me know if you are interested and we can work a deal.

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