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    Smile Update on Geothermal heat pump

    Hi guys first i want to say thanks to Geodude and the others for there help with my lake loop geothermal heat pump, Heat Controller Brand {RE compressor head freezing old thread } .Well i ordered a 10kw back up heater and when it came i had no where to plug it in to the board ,i did some checking and called Heat Controller and talked to a tech,bottom line the wholesale had ordered me the wrong unit and i installed it ,they ordered me a commercial 4 ton heat pump that was used in conjuction with a commercial boiler and a water tower ,it was not for a lake loop it will not work in this application ,i called the mfg and they told me to turn it off ,i have it installed in my cabin on a remote lake in Canada ,The wholesale who i shall not name knows they screwed up and i will keep you posted on what happens thanks

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    there ya go!

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    my sympathies

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