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    DX9100 RSR command

    I'm a little confused with the RSR command.
    All logic entries prior to the RSR are run only on a controller reset . . but the RSR is inserted at the beginning of a logic line rather than at the end where it would make sense to me.

    ---| | ---|RST|
    RSR--| |--|SET|

    so the SET instruction is executed each pass or only on a reset?

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    RE:DX9100 RSR command

    Anything before this instruction only occurs after a power reset. The RSR instruction becomes the beginning of the PLC instruction set. All PLC pages must be considered. So, if the RSR instruction is in PLC2 for example, all instructions in PLC1 and in PLC2 up to the RSR instruction occur only at power up. Used for specific actions for starting up after a power failure for example.

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