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    Johnson controls NAE totalising

    I am trying to monitor metering using an NAE and DX9100, have mapped in the DI as ADI onto the NAE, counts up fine, I wanted to produce trend studies for these meters so trended the ADI point but register only counts to 32,000 (or there abouts) then resets to 0. Not such a good graph profile!!
    I now am trying to use a totaliser extension, with a control system reseting the totaliser after an hour and taking a tend of the output, BUT the totaliser appears to continue to increase when the meter is not pulsing. Any ideas anyone, its sending me mad. Thanks

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    I would create a Pulse Meter object in the folder of my choice (Energy?), set it up based on whatever the pulse information means (electric, steam, kumquats produced, etc. per pulse), and probably even create assorted totalization extensions to do various time totals. And each day, week, month, whatever, I would have a printout or file waiting for me, or suck the information out of my database on the ADX at my leisure for whatever period I'm interested in.

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